Welcome to Independent England, the website of The English Confederation of Independent Mercia and Independent Northumbria.

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Where is Independent England?

Independent England is legally free from the United Kingdom and currently consists of the whole of historic Northumbria and Mercia and thereby most of England. Independent England lies south of the border with Scotland, west of the Fens and the River Lea, north of the Rivers Thames and Avon (the present boundary with UK-occupied England) and east of the border with Wales. As other historic English regions join the Confederation, it is hoped that it will include all of present-day England, free in law and eventually in reality.

Independent England


What is the English Confederation?

The English Confederation is the lawful coalition of Independent Mercia and Independent Northumbria, which was formed in 2020 to progress the drive for English independence from the illegal United Kingdom and to restore the English confederation which was destroyed by the Norman Conquest in 1066 and the years following.


The Three Core Principles of Independent England:

Organic Democracy
Bottom-up democracy, in which everyone can participate.

Co-operative Community
Working together for the good of all.

Ecological Balance
Living in harmony with natural surroundings. 


Where can I learn more?

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How can I get involved?

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